Beyond the Classroom: Ivy LEAD Initiative

Ivy New Orleans Leadership Academy has been designed to intentionally connect school and community as a means of empowering young girls to develop leadership competencies, achieve high academic outcomes, and engage in activities which promote innovation. The founding team at Ivy NOLA seeks to engage the community and the students whom we wish to serve early on in the process. Even though we are 18 months away from opening our doors to serve our first students in August 2019, Ivy NOLA is seeking to create connections with community members, business owners, families of girls in grades K-12, leaders, and educators. We are currently seeking the following from the community:


Community Input:

We value your input and solicit your feedback on what you expect from Ivy NOLA as the first all girls charter school in New Orleans serving girls in grades 6-12. If you would like to chat with the Executive Director regarding ensuring that we meet students' academic needs, please email


Ivy LEAD Initiative:

We are excited to announce the development of a pilot program, Ivy LEAD. Ivy LEAD will begin serving students in grades 3-7 in September 2018. The program will consists of Saturday sessions aimed at developing the leadership skills of students through mentorship, project based learning activities, and seminars. If you are interested in Ivy LEAD in any capacity (enrollment, volunteering, donations, school partnerships), please email More information about this program is forthcoming. 


Sponsorship and Donations: 

Founding a charter school is no small feat. While we are currently in the process of securing Grant Funding to assist in offsetting costs for our opening year, we do anticipate needing to raise funds for operations, Ivy LEAD initiatives, and professional development. If you are interested in Sponsoring Ivy NOLA or Donating to the organization, please email 


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